Monday, 29 July 2013

Speed Freakin'

Ok this month's entry is very brief because Murd's on vacation.   In fact, many players are taking some time off for the summer holidays.  Murd's been traveling but has still found time to grind materials in order to keep some gold rolling in.

One of the annoying issues for players who are new to AoC and who are grinding in Poitain or Lacheish Plains etc. is getting the job done rapidly.  It's annoying as hell when you're level 75 and riding the basic horse and some knob like Murddock keeps beating you to the next node, because he's on a faster faction mount.  But Murd's gonna do it, because it's one of the only microscopic thrills to be had while harvesting.  A few days ago an exasperated newb (high on suspicion) accused Murd of cheating "somehow" cz he was moving "a bit too fast".

Dripping with irony "Whooosh!"

So I showed him my "secret exploit" and he went away feeling a little silly but, one hopes, a little more tuned in.

Turbo Charging

Now there's no actual secret here that a veteran player will not already know.  So this post is intended for really new or especially casual players.

Players can boost the speed of almost any mount (even the Camel) or any 'toon on foot by 3%-15% (the boost is somewhat level dependent).

First you need some Veteran points.  Go to Old Tarantia, Khemi, etc. and buy the Veteran's Boots from the quartermaster.  These give a substantial boost to your out-of-combat-movement speed (this includes your speed when mounted).

But you can still squeeze a few more km/h outta your tune.  Be on the look-out (at the trader or as dropped loot) for items labelled as "Traveler's ..."

By combining the Vet Boots with the various Traveler's  faulds and leggings, a sluggish toon can get a reasonable increase in travel speed.  Now note these items don't increase your energy resource, but when used in concert with the Sprint ability (and for some classes the AA perk that improves energy use) a player or some classes can get substantial improvements when moving around a zone.

Even an old PoM could pass a random doping test!

Just remember to get in the habit of re-equipping your normal combat gear once you dismount, or you may just end up using the improved speed to re-acquire your headstone.

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