Relevant Links

Here's a list of sites AoC Players might be interested in:

 1. Assassin's Hideout - Perhaps AoC's best known and longest running player-blogs.  Slith, an experienced player (from Poland, I think), frequently posts and tweets frequently on the topic of Age of Conan.  He periodically posts fun pod-casts.  His enthusiastic site is of particular interest to PvP players and people who are interested in the Assassin class.

 2. Cynara's Age of Conan Blog - A blog by an experienced player who posts about twice each month.  Cynara's site was started to share his discoveries with a player base beyond the scope of his guild.  This site is especially thorough in its investigations of loot drops and types; locations, and combat stats.

 3. AoC>TV Armory - Part of a site developed by player, Kentarii; this skillfully scripted page helps players sort through most of the high-end epics and faction items available in the game. The larger site may be of interest to players wanting a custom user interface or in past developments of BeBot modules (BeBot is an in-game-chat guild-tool for AoC and Anarchy Online).

 4. - A recently designed feat planner that helps players plan and distribute feat points.  Very recently, it was updated to allow players to vote on builds.  It's up-to-date and a great cite for tinkering.

 5. - Another contemporary feat planner, although players cannot vote on builds, it's got a tidy minimal UI that lends itself to printing or taking screen shots.

 6. Hyborian Rage - An intermittent blog about AoC that often focuses on community life.

 7. Age of Conan Addons - A page of add-ons which may enhance an experience player's understanding of the game.  UPDATE(Dec. 2013) This resource site no longer offers AoC addons.

 8. AoC Wiki - A fan made wiki that is often useful for sorting out older game content:  it's generally good, but sometimes entries are out of date (with fan-wikis, that's the nature of the beast).
 9. Age of Conan: The Unofficial Group - AoC fans who post concept art and personal AoC related material on deviantart.

10. Feeling Strangely Fine ... Usually - The personal blog of AoC's past Game Director, Craig Morrison.  While by no means an official AoC or Funcom channel, Morrison's site has personal content on game design and his other interests in writing fiction and photography.  Keeping up with his tweets was a good way to get news.

11. CROM! - A fan-site for all things pop-culturally Conan (Comics, tats, books, art etc.).  Be warned there's some content that's not safe for work.

12. The Robert E Howard United Press Association  - A well established forum for amateur literary study of Robert E. Howard's life, works and influence. It's not stuffy.  It offers a nice window into Howard's legacy.  If you're an REH purist, this one's for you.

NEW ... (Dec. 6th, 2012)

13. - While not exactly 'new', this originally independent site was a fansite dedicated to speculation about Marcus Nispel's 2011 movie, Conan: the Barbarian.  It morphed into a quasi-promotional piece prior to the movie's release.  It now seems to be reawakening and trying the same approach for the new Schwarzenegger Conan project, Legend of Conan.  It's been providing a little more news on that topic.

NEW ... (Feb 4th, 2013)

14.  Map guide to get around in Hyboria for new players  an excellent up-to-date doc maintained by AoC player, janbak, of the guild Carnage .  Feedback on it can be found on the EU forums here.

NEW ... (Feb 23rd, 2013)

15. Guides to Guild City decorations: 1) Scrubs, 2) Banners, and 3) Sculptures.  These web docs are maintained by PvP-RP player Maggie. Feedback and more helpful info on this topic can be found on the EU forums here.

NEW ... (Mar 13, 2013)

16. A collection of helpful player videos on the YouTube page of Civ2.

NEW ... (May 29, 2013)

17. A useful spreadsheet of better-than-average items for low-level 'toons posted by Tianma on the forums.

NEW ... (June 13, 2013)
18. A great crafting spreadsheet (for the game's original tradeskill system) posted on the forums by Vaere

NEW ... (Dec. 19, 2013)

19. Henryx - Age of Conan Blog a new Wordpress site by well-know AoC's one of best known in-game-video machinimators.  

NEW ... (Jan. 6, 2014)

20. Age of Conan: Thirsty Dog Saloon - A promising new blog by player, Cabal, that is in the process of building a visual gallery of various in-game items and their stats, as well as other elements (e.g. bosses etc.).

If you'd like to have an AoC related blog or website (one you've made or one you like) added to this list let me know.  As long as it's an active productive website, not-for-profit and not for trolling (or other objectionable purposes), I'd be happy to include it. If you would prefer that I remove any of the links here, likewise let me know. 

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