One of Age of Conan's many appeals is that it's a very sharp looking game.

While preparing for this blog, a few screen captures from the game were Photoshopped to lend the flavour of a graphic novel to the blog's admittedly amateur design.

Here are a few that haven't been used elsewhere.

Murddock Ponder's the Grind (textured rough fresco render)

Warmonk Monastery (poster render)

A Mage in Old Tarantia (light cross-hatch)

Assassin on White Sands Isle (BW poster render)

 Slaves Toil at the Wheel of Pain (light paint daub render)

Barbarian on Dead Man's Hand
in Conan (2011) movie gear
 (dense paint daub render)

Atlantean Ruins (poster render)

Pict Village and Ruins on Tortage (poster render)

(Thursday Jan. 4th 2013)

A Demonologist and His Sidekick on Tortage (poster render)

Priest of Mitra Anoints the Fallen in Conall's Valley (poster render)

Murddock on Faction Mount in Chosain (paint daub render)

A Dark Templar in Kara Korum (paint render with angled strokes)

(Friday Feb. 29th 2013)

A Priest of Mitra in Old Tarantia (paint render)

In Ardashir, Turanian Architecture sets the mood (poster render)

Sitting Pretty at the rez-pad on Tortage Beach
  (paint daub render)

(Friday Mar. 15th 2013)

Tarantia Docks (heavy cutout render)

Soldier in Dragon's Spine (light poster render)

HoX in Noble District (comic render)

Speaking with a Jiang-Shi (medium poster render)

NEW (Friday April 26th 2013)


Arch in Coppice of the Heart (graphic novel render)


The market near the Port of Khemi docks (comic render)
Grizzly ornaments in Conall's Valley (comic render)



This gallery will be periodically updated.

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