Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Stats All, Folks!!!

Ok, this post is more than overdue.  Murd’s been fighting a crummy cold, as busy as hell at work, and  trying to find time to enjoy a bit of the 5th anniversary content.  So TMA is gonna keep it short. 

I have alt-itis. A lot of AoC players do. As they level each new class, they can’t help find blues that they have to decide to use, sell, or mail to lower level alts.  If your main-toon, say a Guard, picks up some Clothy blues ... pesky casters ... what to do? 

The Lemurian drops a nice box. Now what?!!

Figure 1 is an expanded version of the pick-up table for easy reference for those with alt-itis.  It’s very general and neither keyed to specific builds nor to PvP.  It’s basically built from: a) my modest experience with the classes I know; b) by peeking at the manuals and forums; and c) by surveying T2 sets.   It’s probably best for PvE leveling and for those who are about to start their alts raiding.

Clearly there are item sets that have more specific roles.  For example, The Last Legion's soldier sets,  can be used to build a tanks who are either more able to withstand magic or are built to take melee.  The Tamarin Tigers set, can provide some DPS and so on.  Additionally, the culture sets can be tweaked with multiple gems (in the current and yes, limited, crafting system).  Nonetheless, the scuttlebutt on the forthcoming system suggests that with the right combination of ingredients, almost any combination of standard stats can be achieved including builds that rival epic items. 

A while back (a long while, mind you), I had a tweet from then GD, Craig Morrison, that some miscellaneous stats were not available in the new crafting system: specifically out of combat speed.  He suggested that such a stat could be added at some point. 

In the meantime, it's useful to have the most common item-stats rounded up. 

Table 1: A Rough Guide to Stats - Looting for Alts. (updated)

Note that Table 1 lumps resource concerns together (so say Mana in reflects the overall benefit of mana to the class by covering issues like "+1000 Mana" and "4% Mana increase to Mana regeneration" etc.)

In one instance, the difference between Avatar and Possession spec'd HoXes, builds has been considered, as a result of reader feedback.

Keep in mind that this is a very quick and dirty tool that should help players, who are leveling, decide on what to do with unbound loot: use, keep, send, or sell.  It’s not a matrix intended for fine tuning or a guide for advanced gear collectors. 

Additionally, I'd like to thank players Mantic0r3, Jaedelyia, and HaremBunny for providing some specific suggestions and for spotting some errors in the table, as originally posted . If anyone sees further room for adjustments, yes, yes please post feedback here or in the AoC forums: feedback is welcome.

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